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"The Ajana Pathik has come to my home with His silent footsteps. Today,
in the remote corner of my mind, the Ajana Pathik has appeared with His
form and melodies. Neither could I recognise Him nor could I understand who
He is. I did not have such intimate knowledge about Him, even then He
showered me with His divine love. He created a soft, sweet feeling for Him
in my heart. In this way my mind is no longer in my control. He took away
my mind; He stole it.
Previously, I was thinking that that divine Entity-- Aja'na Pathik--
lives in a far, far distant place, millions and millions of kilometers and
light years away. In my dogmatic way of thinking, I was also believing that
He does not pay heed to my call. I thought that He just goes on doing His
work silently & secretly, not listening to anyone. But now I see that
everything is just opposite. He in fact does pays heed to my call and He
graciously showers His love. Today, the divine Entity, Parama Purusa,
has come in my heart…" (Prabhat Samgiita #4900).
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Social capital

  • less than 10